COVID-19 Could Make Technology More Inclusive

May 13, 2020 | by Wandher Souza


For some time, I have reflected a lot on the relationship of how our new normal will be and I came across some conclusions that can be drawn as a benefit of expanding new business ideas and better humanity.

Many companies will have to change the style of working, operating, and some old businesses will close because the system will be different. The old normal methodology will no longer be effective.

Many companies and new products will appear to fit this new normal. Even products that were not popular, will now show growth. Like, for example, Toilet Paper…. Nah, I’m just kidding. Industrial sectors will have to align with new consumer demands.

What I am exposing here is the fact that there are business possibilities for this new normal that is coming towards us. New business ideas that walked slowly, will start to have high acceleration and maturity because, now, they fit from the new perspective of reality that is about to become part of our lives.

There are several points to be discussed, but this article could be turned into a book if we dig deeper, instead, I would like to focus more on the area of business opportunities.

I work for a technology company focused on the HR area and there are several observations on the product we developed, especially if we are going to focus on this new user experience, as soon as we put the new normal in our planning.

It’s time to start considering new scenarios and use cases. Whether in the area of accessibility, environment, and especially in the experience of this new persona.

If we look at technology before the pandemic, the main focus was to promote mobile apps and websites with a mindset focused on the experience using mobile devices and tablets. That’s because people were always on the streets, cars, subways, buses and even with little time at home, the cell phone has always been the most appropriate tool to perform tasks or kill time. People began to physically disconnect from their family and friends because it was replaced by text messages and social media posts. People on the streets with their AirPods, which for me, is the same as hanging a sign around their neck with the message: Do Not Disturb… Me!

A dependency was created and it was stopped with the pandemic. The internet and social media have become information tools for people to get to know this invisible enemy better. In parallel, a new lifestyle was created.

While scientists are looking for the vaccine for COVID-19, people have had to change their lifestyle by working from home, homeschooling, and avoiding socializing with the outside world. We also gained a positive factor, the proximity to our families and God.

The technology also started to create another format. Because of the conditions, people started to invest in equipment to create comfort in their academic and professional areas. There was an increase in sales of computer accessories, such as keyboards, mouse, monitors, and laptops. The giant tech industries have seen growth from 18% to 25%. Companies started to equip their employees, generating a 50% increase in the first two weeks of March. Quarantines are slowing down the mobile revolution. Instead of trying to do everything with our phones, we are back at our desks and sitting in front of the computer. This effect was shown in mobile phone and accessory sales, which fell 14% in the first two weeks of March. (source: National Purchase Diary Panel Inc.)

If we look to the future of the new normal, the process of hiring an employee and most of the procedures (finding a job, recruiting, receiving/sending offers, interviews, filling out forms, and even onboarding in the company) will be done through Desktop experience.

Once hired, the employee will receive his equipment to work from home, a laptop, or desktop, and from there, his work area will be mainly aimed at that screen resolution.

The time has come to invert some priorities in the matter of design and development focusing on the user experience with full screens. Take advantage of the technology that exists today with animations, more screen space, colors, component details, iconography, typography.

We will be able to generate user experience where we will have no barriers to think about mobile screens, at least in most cases. Apps will be beautiful, more detailed, and with opportunities to improve the focus on users with accessibility.

I see this time as a new step forward for technology, education, and especially for people to adapt to the trends of new normal.

It’s time to create something awesome!