Citrix provides server, application and desktop virtualization, networking, software as a service, and cloud computing technologies.


To enable business mobility through a secure delivery of apps and data to any device on any network.


The major challenge will be providing solution to a smooth transition of the existing features which will be deprecated.


Inform and educate clients about the new upcoming major software upgrades. Present benefits and also a support solution for deprecated tools which will no longer be presented on the new version.

Client: Citrix

Sector: Technology


+ Wireframes
+ UX/UI Designs
+ Concept
+ User-Centred Design
+ User Research
+ User Testing

XenApp & XenDesktop extends the capabilities of our industry-leading HDX user experience technology while also simplifying the administrative experience.


New feature highlights that will bring major benefits for clients.


Effective Customer Experience Survey will allow us to gather a lot of information about users’ requirements and expectations.

NOTE: The reason we want to know the user’s most preferred tools is to avoid drastic changes on a specific feature, which happened with Microsoft.


The Idea – Microsoft decided that it was done with the Start menu for Windows 8.

Pain Point – It turned out to be a mistake that alienated and panicked Windows users. The familiar Start menu was replaced with a full screen Start screen with colorful Live Tiles. Windows 8 was the most drastic change to the Start menu in its entire existence, and the most drastic change to Windows itself.

Solution – Microsoft listened to the feedback this time, but instead of just bringing back the old Start menu from Windows 7, the software maker took the old menu and merged it together with its new Live Tiles.


To represent the tour page structure, as well as its hierarchy and key elements.


Based on the data gathered from the survey, I selected a few features that we were praised by users. A tour button on the right upper corner allows users to discover those new features.


Citrix Online solutions carried over as part of a migration and will continue to work for a limited period; however, Citrix is focusing on alternative solutions to control the shortcuts for users. It’s highly recommended that all Citrix Online Plugin solutions be replaced with alternative functionality such as SWD Shortcut Manager.


Users can configure what they are linked to the Start menu or on their desktops. Shortcuts can also be withdrawn from the user. The application is tested for all current client and server operating systems. Folder redirects and Citrix User Profile Manager.


A new support section will be implemented which will cover all the deprecated features to users with extended support plans. In addition, videos and documentation of all new released features will be available to all.