Community Services

Community service is very important to me. In my opinion, being kind allows others to see the goodness in humanity through you. I’ve learned through my experience, that to be a volunteer is the ability to face real world problems, which also helps my decision-making skills.

Earth Day is now a global event each year, with more than 1 billion people in 192 countries taking part in the largest civic-focused day of action and environmental protection in the world.

On April 22 I was at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park helping with tree planting, trail maintenance, and beach cleanup.

My volunteer experience helped me to understand that I do not have to do things in life just to get something back for my own benefit. Another thing I have learned from my experience with community service is the importance of selflessness and caring about others. Community service is important not only to benefit the community, but also to teach the individual valuable life lessons.


In addition to being involved in community work, I do believe that pro bono projects afford me the opportunity to work on something that matters to help make a difference. I use my experiences to help people in need by creating social media campaigns, web development, and setting up online fundraising for children with medical needs.