Wandher develops “Wandherful designs” – he gets it every time! I am so honored to work with such a creative genius. I am always amazed at how Wandher turns my half-baked ideas into a work of art. Wandher collaborates with business analysts, product managers, architects, UX researchers, software engineers, and software test engineers to develop world-class designs and interactions – delightful user experiences. In his collaboration, Wandher is always open to differing points of view and is able to incorporate the best viewpoints into his concepts. He is an advocate for our customers – the users – and keeps their experience at the forefront of his designs. There was a particularly difficult challenge that was presented related to data visualization of a large data set – with customer research and Wandher’s innovative solution, we were able to deliver a customer experience that made traversing the data very easy. Wandher is able to internalize a wealth of information and requirements and produce amazing design solutions. – Winsome Mundy, Business Analyst

Wandher makes things happen. He can quickly gather the team to understand the problem and pull together prototypes to achieve the project objective. One of my favorite things about Wandher is his consistently thoughtful collaboration on design. He has this super positive upbeat attitude that overcomes anything that comes his way. I consider Wandher one of the best collaborators I have ever managed and worked with. – Marta Guerra, Lead UX Designer, Innovator

Wandher possesses the three skills any team begs for: he’s a good architect, a good designer, and a good developer. I had the pleasure of working with Wandher in a number of projects and his focus on addressing the user needs while keeping the solution at a technically feasible level was always on point and helped the team succeed continuously. These important skills combined with his friendly and calm personality would make Wandher a great asset to any team, no matter the size of the organization. – Marcelo Paiva, Product Designer, Developer and Educator

Wandher was a fantastic person to work with. He is one of the best among all people I have ever met. Innovative, open minded, deadline oriented, hard working and dedicated UX Designer. I can recommend him with great expertise and deep proficiency of a Designer. – Nijel Peterson, Franchise Owner